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Taiwan bubble tea, a popular tea drink in Taiwan, is a successful example of a combination of Taiwanese culture and food, signifying the best creativity of Taiwan’s food industry and driving the development of an industry chain from ingredients, production, and catering to chain and franchise, which could be considered as an innovative Taiwanese industry leading the global trend.


According to the Taiwan Tea Manufacturers’ Association, the gross output value of the Taiwanese tea industry is NTD150 billion, of which tea houses and the catering industry account for 67% at around NTD100 billion, can drinks business comprises around 17% (NTD25 billion), gifts selling to the domestic market account for 12-17% at around NTD18-25 billion, and the export sale makes up 0.8% (about NTD1.3 billion).


Meanwhile, according to the statistics by the Department of Statistic, Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA), the annual sale of tea drinks in Taiwan is around 1.02 billion cups, that is, on average one person buys 44 cups of tea drinks in a year and people drink one cup of tea drink every eight days, from which we can tell that bubble tea market has great potential in Taiwan, and it can apply to the bubble tea industry in other countries as well according to the surging bubble tea consumption and popularity around the world.


Bubble tea starts from the Taiwanese tea culture and gains popularity among foreign consumers through the process of international franchising and localization. Taiwan promotes bubble tea as a way of food diplomacy, which also enhances bubble tea’s international image; in doing so, Taiwan bubble tea can become an internationally renowned drink like Starbucks and Coca-Cola of the United States.


Taiwan’s bubble tea industry has been booming in the global markets. To give a total solution for foreign demand, TAITRA organized “Bubble Tea Marketing Organization” comprising top-tier companies in bubble tea industries, including six sectors of tea leaves, ingredients, packaging, food machinery, business management, and franchise brands. Taiwan pavilion in THAIFEX 2018 leads our member companies, KEI FU, CHEN EN, MAU LIN, WEN HO, COMEPURE, and YONGDA, covering ingredients, packaging, business management, and franchise brand, and sets up a delicate bubble tea Tea House at Booth J04 serving diversified charm of Taiwan bubble tea during the five-day exhibition so as to fully demonstrate the comprehensive organization in the upstream, midstream and downstream sector of the industry chain of Taiwan’s bubble tea industry.


Visit our booths at J04 for Taiwan Bubble Tea Tea House & J06-J18 for our top-tier suppliers!  


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